Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mac Dixon's Grist Mill, South Mellville

I took theses photos on April 15, 1989.  Arnold Smith and I were visiting our friend Marion Flood who lived nearby - we got talking about the old mill then she took us over and introduced us to Mac Dixon, owner of the old mill.
Above: entry to the property.
There are / were a few Dixon Mills on PEI - the story goes there was a Dixon family near Belfast, I believe, who operated a mil - when his sons grew up they were encouraged to go to other communities on the Island and start mills.  I know there was a Dixon Mill in Kingston and another near Souris.
Above: this is where the water wheel was located.
Mac showed us through the mill telling us about the equipment and this Bran Duster that his father bought on a trip to Boston.
The old mill is still there - I don't have current photos - I will try this summer.  Mac's son built a house behind the mill in the 1990's.  In the late 1980's there were a couple of local entrepreneurs who wanted to turn it into a museum but it didn't happen!  There are few of these old mills left on the Island.
Above: later that summer I took this photo - a site to behold as the wide open fields gather in the vale at the old mill.


  1. Hi there! Just wondering if you or anyone else might be able to help me out.

    When I was a kid my dad took me fishing on a small river or a stream that bordered along a farming property that had cows. There was also an old derelict mill made of stone. We had parked on the side of the road and walked through some woods that had a small path to get through to the stream. The stream's bed was very pebbly and I seem to remember the banks being very high in some places. We sat on a bend in the stream along the woods where the stream was very deep.

    My dad seems to think that it was on the Mill Road, but he isn't sure. Anyone have any idea where this property might be? It was quite lovely and I would love to find it again! Thanks in advance for you help!

    1. It is on the Bannockburn Road. There are signs posted not to fish anymore because of the fish kill last year...but the mill wall is still there

    2. The Mill Rd is the correct answer.

  2. Thank you for this post! I have seen the inside of this mill many times in the 1980s. The first floor stairs had a divot at the near end of the second step where the workers would turn on the ball of their foot while carrying heavy loads. There were directions to Borden painted to the right inside the front door from a time well before the TCH was built.

    The first floor was full of automotive debris and an ancient London pump organ. Second floor was storage for hay & straw, and the third floor had much of the old machinery. There was a layer of old flour dust everywhere. An old Dixon farm house stood on the opposite side of the lane to the mill, near an old well, and the depression in the lower field showed where the millpond was.

    Mac's magnificent clydsdales ran in the fields here. The barns housed many wild cats. Irma Dixon cooked many a fine feast for those who worked for the Dixons. There were always pickled veggies on the table, with pies for dessert before everyone headed back out to put the hay loads up into the loft.