Friday, June 24, 2011

North Cape Lighthouse

After I left Christ Church I made my way to North Cape to meet friends at the restaurant there. Here's a few photos of the lighthouse.
This lighthouse was established in 1866.  The lighthouse is about 60' high and has a cast iron tower on top.  The tower is 11' high.   It warns ships of the longest rock reef in North America.  The lighthouse has 4 floor with 3 flights of stairs curving up to reach the little tower room at the top.  A year after they built the lighthouse they built a cottage.  The lighthouse was remodelled in 1875. 
In 1883 they talked about having a telegraph connecting with East Point but it wasn't done till the 1960's. In 1929 the lighthouse was shingled.  In 1968 the cottage was moved to a field a few hundred feet away - the is now five miles from here.
Much of the information herein is from the Historic Places - check out their website and an old photo of the lighthouse and cottage:
Above: view up the north coastline along the Gulf of St. Lawrence looking away from the lighthouse.  Note the wind turbines of the Atlantic Wind Test Site.

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