Wednesday, August 10, 2011

1840 New Glasgow United Church, Demolished 2011

Well my fears have been realized - the church is down - here's some photos I just took of the spectacle!
It amazes me to think the architectural detailing, ie. door and windows, weren't offered for salvage. 
In the Northern Star Newspaper September 2011 issue, Heather Dingwell in her monthly column, "The Dear Green Place" wrote about her feelings with the loss of this church.  Heather and her mother lived across the road from the church.  Here's the article, I scanned it vertically in 3 pieces.


  1. "Dumbest town in the province" instantly comes to mind. It coudl ahve been made into a museum or some building that gave tourists a reason to stop by and learn a bit about the area while they came to look at toys at the toy factory, went to the PEi preserve company, or stopped by the Mill River restaurant. To get rid of their most prominent landmark is sheer idiocy, and makes New Glasgow unremarkable enough to be considered nothing more then a speed bump for tourists on the way to Cavendish. Just....unreal.

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  3. Went over to light the stove for church with mother on some cold mornings years ago.It was a landmark from the butter factory hill.Great blog. thanks.