Thursday, August 18, 2011

Farmhouse, Fairview

I was out to Rocky Point this week and on the way out on Route 19 I stopped to photograph this old farmhouse - this place has been abandoned for near 20 years.  The farm is still used as there were cattle in the field beside the house.
The is an old house with two gabled dormer on the south/front side of the house.  My first impressions is that this house was built as a central chimney style house in the early party of the 1800's and the dormers were added later - I will search out more information on this house.

Below:  Just found this photo taken on April 30, 2003


  1. It's still there of a few weeks ago. In need of some serious TLC I' sorry to say.

  2. email me at ...i grew up is my grandparents house