Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little Pierre Jacques School / Milburn 1881

When i was in the Alaska Schoolhouse I photographed the following document posted on the wall.  Today we know this community as Milburn and is located on the Little Pierre Jacques River. 
The following is a transcription of the above:
     Agreement made this twelvth day of April one thousand eight hundred and eighty one. between George Boulter of the one part and the Trustees of School  District No. 105 in the County of Prince Commonly known as the Little Pierre Jacques School District of the other part. 
     George Boulter hereby agrees to built a school house according to plans and specifications to be finished by the fifteen of November 1881  And the Trustees do agree to pay George Boulter the sum of eighty dollars on the first of July 1881.  Providing the building is boarded and shingled by that time.  And the remaining sum of one hundred and thirty four dollars and ninty cents on the fifteenth of November 1881.
     In testamony whereby the said parties have hereunto set this their seals.

12 April 1881                                                                                   George Boulter

Trustees:  John McDonald, John Boulter, Benj L. Campbell

Whereas the said George Boulter has taken the Contract of building the Little Pierre Jacques Schoolhouse.
Many communities in this area had their original names changed, ie: Coleman (formerly Brae Station), Hebron (formerly Indian Point), and Glenwood (formerly Pierre Jacques).

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