Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Glasgow United Church

I was out for a walk in the National Park this morning and upon return decided to drive through New Glasgow for a change - I witnessed 3 dump trucks and a Hi-mac (Heritage Building Destroyer) in front of this old church.  I will take a drive up later this morning to see what's going on.  I took most of the following photos a month ago and didn't get a chance to post them until now. 
This church was built as a Presbyterian Church around 1840 on the corner of  Rennie's Rd. (Rte. 13) and St. Ann's Rd. (Rte. 224) and was known as the "Big Church".  The church was moved to it's present location in 1888 and a section was cut-out of the middle to reduce it's size.  It was one of three churches belong to the Cavendish Pastoral Charge of the United Church of Canada.  Prior to Church Union in 1925 the church underwent an interior renovation along with some exterior renovations to the tower.  Due diminishing congregations and the need for many repairs, it was closed about 5 years ago.  The family who lives next door bought the lot and church and advertised the church for sale - to be moved.  They had no takers.  The church has been one of the character defining buildings of this small rural community, it faces south overlooking the Clyde River and over years had been nightly spot-lit, creating a very impressive view and atmosphere to this community.  The church has been the dominant subject in many, many tourism photos, calendars, websites, etc.
Below:  New Glasgow United Church on the Clyde River.
For more information see Historic Places website.

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  1. When I came to the island again, I was driving along the road that goes from Wheatley River to New Glasgow, and when you crest the hill that's the first thing you saw. It was like something out of a painting, it just screamed PEI.

    Guess it shouldn't a surprised that it was torn down then.