Friday, September 23, 2011

Cascumpec School

     I was to western PEI yesterday afternoon to a meeting in Alberton - I took Route 12 in from the Western Road and on my way took a minute to take a few photographs of this old schoolhouse.  There are 4 sets of paired 4-over-4 windows on the southwest wall and a 2-over-4 window in the attic on front.  The school closed in 1978.
    Thomas Key is on record as the first teacher of the Cascumpec School when it opened in 1862 followed by a list of 62 teachers.  On the occasion he was commended for his good work by the "School Visitor". His proficiency and success in instructing local scholars in Arithmetic, Writing, Reading & Elocution did not go unnoticed. ( c.f.  )

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