Tuesday, February 28, 2012

O'Leary Train Station for Sale

     I heard on the news last evening that the O'Leary Train Station is for sale.  Currently the station is owned by the Village of O'Leary and rented to a few tenants.  One of those tenants approached the Village to purchase the building.  So to be fair in the sale of the building they are having a third party handle the offers and decide who will be the new owner.  There doesn't seem to be any print information available online yet.
     Here's a photo of the O'Leary Train Station, on the left (the one on the right was the 2nd station, long since demolished), taken from Allan Graham best selling book, "A Photo History of Prince Edward Island Railway" page 79.  The book is now out-of-print but you may be able to find it in used book stores or online at www.abebooks.com
     The ISBN is 0-9687204-0-4.

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  1. Never knew that book even existed. Thanks for posting that. Hopefully the new owners will give their purchase the TLC it deserves.