Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ground's Keepers Cottage from Fanningbank

     This little house was once the Ground's Keepers Cottage from the Fanningbank / Government House Estate in Charlottetown. 
     I documented this little house nine years ago.  The house was moved to this building lot (date not known) on York Lane in Brighton, Charlottetown.
     The above photo is the front (north) facing the street - this was originally the rear of the house with a later 1-storey porch addition.
     Below are the as found floor plans and elevations I prepare in February 2003.

The following are photos of the house taken February 2003.
      Below is the south elevation of the house - the original front of the house.  The snow was deep that day and I couldn't get further into the back yard to get a better overall image.
Below:  The east side of the house.
     Below:  the north (former rear) side of house with the later addition porch - now the front of the house.
     Below:  the northwest side of the house.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Victorian Design Book

     Lee Valley Tools Ltd. has a great collection of reprinted books, many from the early 1900s -  .
     The following is one of those reference books, THE VICTORIAN DESIGN BOOK (ISBN 0-9691019-6-1)- re-published by Lee Valley Tools in 1984 - originally published in 1897.  This book isn't available from Lee Valley Tools, however it can be purchased from Amazon
The following are a few images from the book.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Greeting Cards by Moses Brooks

     I bought this collection of greeting cards back in the early 1990's and never used them as they are a great record of Prince Edward Island Architecture.  Mr. Brooks has dated these illustrations between 1985-1987.  A few of these properties have since disappeared.
     For more information about Mr. Books see his website at:  As well, below is the back of one of the cards which gives more information about the illustrator.
 Above: Prince Edward Island's Province House, Charlottetown.
     Above: rear view of Green Gables House (formerly the Webb family homestead), Cavendish.
     Above: rear view of the Birthplace of L.M. Montgomery at New London Corner - today a museum.
     Above: this old mill can still be found in Murray River on a tiny Island connected by two small bridges.
 Above: an icon scene at North Rustico Harbour.
    Above: I photographed this property in 1989 - see my previous post
     Above: this homestead still remains and is located in Springbrook between New London and French River.
     Above: The Old Mill Museum near Stanley Bridge was actually the Long River Grist Mill (operated by the Johnstone family).  It was demolished many years ago.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gambrel Style House, Alexandra

     I took these photos of this falling down house on July 11, 1988.  The house was located on Route 26 (Pownal Rd. aka Georgetown Rd.) in Alexandra.
      The old house has long since disappeared into the ground - much time had pasted since it was the center of activity to the day I photographed it out of place in a cow's pasture.
      The large house is in the gambrel roof style with the following features: three dormers, cedar shingled roof, clapboard siding, double chimneys and single-hung windows.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Alf MacRae House, Huntley

     I took these photos of Alfred "Alf" MacRae's Homestead on Christmas Day 1988.  The house had long been abandoned - not long after this photo was taken the house was demolished and a new home was constructed here.
     The property is/was located on the "Cheese Factory Road" (no route number) which takes you from Route 2 in Alma (near HI Paving Plant and Confederation Trail) out to Route 152 in Huntley, not far from the Gordon's Monument and just above the Electric Light Pond.
     The house had great features with the main part of the house displaying a centered bay window with narrow paired windows above; a small under-eave window on the left, probably in a hallway; a verandah on the kitchen wing with a small dormer above; an unusually placed side entrance with portico (likely not original to the house); two brick chimneys and cedar shingles on the walls and roof.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Upper Prince Street, Charlottetown

     I took a short cut through Upper Prince Street the other day - here'a s few houses on that street that I've photographed over the years.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Haslam Farmstead, Springfield

     Just up the road on Route-2 on the same side as the Hagan farmstead, going west, is this lovely Island farmhouse in the center gable style with a kitchen wing to the rear/south.
     I use to always notice this house as the owner made birdhouses in his retirement and sold them at the end of his driveway.  I've noticed in recent years the house is in need of repairs especially on the  left side of verandah as it's starting to settle.
     The house has many great details: a well proportioned verandah with gingerbread trim; a steep-pitched center gable (typical of the 1880's); a gable window with trapezoid style trim above; running eave gingerbread trim; 2-over-2 single hung windows; brick chimney; and window header detailing.

Hagen Farmstead, Springfield

     The house below is located on south side of Route-2 Highway in the community of Springfield.  In the mid-to-late part of the 1900's the Hagan (Atlas spelling) family lived here.
     All winter long I've been driving by and thinking one of these days I have to stop and take a few photos. 
Note the light in the photographs which were at 7:15 in the morning.
     Note the window on the left side, second floor, in the middle. The wall is built-out at 6" to accentuate this window which is likely be located at the top of the stairs.
     Arnold Smith, a nearby resident, told me that when the parents got older they built the section to the right of the verandah for their living quarters - an addition that was sympathetic to the original 2-storey, hpped roof structure.
Below: Note the gambrel roofed barn in the background.
Below: the west side of the large barn.