Monday, March 5, 2012

Hagen Farmstead, Springfield

     The house below is located on south side of Route-2 Highway in the community of Springfield.  In the mid-to-late part of the 1900's the Hagan (Atlas spelling) family lived here.
     All winter long I've been driving by and thinking one of these days I have to stop and take a few photos. 
Note the light in the photographs which were at 7:15 in the morning.
     Note the window on the left side, second floor, in the middle. The wall is built-out at 6" to accentuate this window which is likely be located at the top of the stairs.
     Arnold Smith, a nearby resident, told me that when the parents got older they built the section to the right of the verandah for their living quarters - an addition that was sympathetic to the original 2-storey, hpped roof structure.
Below: Note the gambrel roofed barn in the background.
Below: the west side of the large barn.


  1. I always see this place when I drive up to Kensington in that stretch between Fredricton and Springfield where there's quite a few old farmhouses that look to have seen better days. Always wondered if it's even lived in....and why it's not being sold if it isn't

  2. Just wanted to let you know that you've spelled our last name (Hagen) incorrectly, and yes this home was in our family

    1. OK- I will update - as noted it was spelled with a second "a" in the Atlas. Thanks!

  3. Darian---I am looking for Hagans of PEI. I had hoped that this house would be ancestral to me but you say the name is spelled wrong. Is the E vs A ever interchanged the way my Mac/Mc are in my family?