Thursday, November 8, 2012

Keeper's Lodge - Old Protestant Burying Ground, Ch'town

     There is much history at The Old Protestant Burying Grounds on University Avenue (formerly Malpegue Rd. and Elm Street) in Charlottetown.
     Between 1999 and 2004 under a Millennium Restoration project the old cemetery was restored complete with new wrought iron railing and stone restoration.   The following description is from the book about the cemetery, Who Departed This Life...
    "Spanning several acres - and in existence during four centuries - the cemetery known as the Old Protestant Burying Ground is prominently located behind a wrought iron fence on University Avenue in downtown Charlotteotwn, Prince Edward Island.  It is the final resting ground for up to 4,000 souls who were interred between the late 1700s and 1873.  The Burying Ground has withstood the ravages of time - and vandalism - but in recent years great efforts have been made to restore the grounds, offering respect to those departed colonial pioneers who established the city and the province."
     The above image is from page 18 of the book -
Who Departed This Life: A History of the Old Protestant Burying Ground by George Wright.  ( See book front and back cover below )
    The following text is from pages 18-21:
   ...Later on, it was thought advisable to appoint a keeper, whose duty should be, to protect the property from trespassers, and put a stop to the irregularities that were being committed there, both by day and night. 
     Accordingly, two public spirited ladies of this City, Mrs. Watts and Mrs. Mason, collected $375, which was expended in erecting a lodge at the entrance gate of the grounds.  The lodge was designed by Mr. Stirling, and was completed under his supervision (free of charge by him) in the spring of 1883.  
     John Ashley was appointed Keeper, and attended to his duties faithfully until his death in July last.  Mrs. Ashley continues here.  (In this city, on the 6th of July, at his residence on the Malpeque Road, after a short illness, John Ashley in the 70th year of his age, a native of Suffolk, England.  Funeral at 2 o'clock)...     
     The Guardian 1916 - Tenders Called.  Tenders will be received up to June First by the undersigned for the purchase of the keeper's cottage now on the grounds of the Malpeque Cemetery.  Publishers will be required to remove the said cottage not later than 10th June and clear away all rubbish belonging to the building.
     It was in this period that the caretaker's cottage was sold.  The house was subsequently moved to 39 Connolly Street, where it may still be seen today.

     Below: The Keeper's Lodge, much changed, as found today at 39 Connolly Street, not far from the Burying Grounds.  Images from Google Maps.
     Below: the old house retains some of its original detailing in the running trim on the steep gables as seen here. 

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