Thursday, January 17, 2013

Boulter Farmstead, Woodstock

     In Meecham's 1880 Atlas of Prince Edward Island it shows Henry Boulter living on this property.  In the 1928 Cummin's Atlas of Prince Edward Island still shows Henry Boulter (probably a son by the same name) owning this property.  Cummin's Atlas lists the following information for each property - Owner; address; wife's name; and children's name.  Here is the information for this house -  Boulter, Henry; P.O. Coleman; Wf. Ann Roseina; Ch. Elvin, William, Ella, Ada, May.
     Today the Boulter family still owns the property and live in an adjacent bungalow.  The house was left vacant in the early 1970's when the family moved into a new bungalow- no one has lived in it since.
     The middle peak above the house is the barn in the background - it's not attached to the house.  The large size and height makes it look closer than it is.
     The old "Island-ell" style farmhouse is located on the east side of the Western Road in Woodstock just before the O'Leary Corner/Roundabout.
     I took these photos on December 27th, 2006 - the house and barn are still there.

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