Saturday, July 6, 2013

Barn, Fort Augustus

     Here's a very old barn with some unique interior construction techniques.   Often you'd find hewn beams and posts - this barn has mostly logs and half logs.
     I visited here on May 22, 1997 to plan a new house for the property.  
Above: southeast corner of the barn.  Below: east end.
     I did a quick sketch of the main floor plan.  Like most old barns, it's divided into four or five sections.  Here's there's five sections - from left/west to right/east = 1) calf pins; 2) cow stable with stone floor under cow; 3) barn floor (this is what we called this area in our farm - its where they bring in the hay through big doors to lift the hay into loft); 4) horse stable; 5) pig pins.
    The cow stable had vertical posts/stanchions to keep the cows in place when in the stable.  See photo below.

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