Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Churchill Presbyterian Church

     Here's some photos of the Churchill Presbyterian Church - I was in the area the other day following more talk on the news about the small community be virtually destroyed due to the re-routing of the TransCanada Highway (aka Plan B) which travels from Bonshaw, through Churchill out to Strathgartney. 
     The church sits close to the highway - it seems as though it won't be moved or destroyed during the re-routing process, however, it seems the church is no longer used.  I found some information about the parish that the church belongs to - Central Parish Presbyterian Pastoral Charge website ( )   
     "In 1938 application was made by Canoe Cove, Churchill and Nine Mile Creek to be received into the Presbyterian Church of Canada.  This was granted by the General Assembly and these congregations joined with Clyde River to form Central Parish."
Above: Southwest view.
The classic thistle ironwork atop the Presbyterian steeple.
Below: decorative cut shingles on the tower.
Above: South side. / Below: Southeast corner.
     The doors were locked, so I put my camera lenses flat against the windows and took the following photos of the interior.
 Above / Below: Entry Porch - stairs to balcony.
      Below: when you enter church the altar is to the north/left side of the church.
Below: island sandstone splash pad.
 Below: Window on East Wall.
 Below: Fence around property and cemetery.

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