Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wells/ Clark/ Ashley House, Union (beside Alberton)

     I had a chance to see through this 1850's house the other evening - located at 33 Dock Road.  The present owners have just listed it for sale -
     The house was originally built by William Wells (1830-1909).  He was the son of James II Wells; and grandson of James I Wells, a shipwright first employed with James Hill, who came to the Dock to take up land and where boats were also being built on the Dock River. 
     William Wells first married Barbara Stuart Ramsay (1838-1886) - they had ten children including two daughters who married into the Clark family.  William's second wife was  Jane Brander (1837-1894) and his third wife was Mary (MacArthur) Donald (?-1920). 
     The following information comes from the book: Wandering Back:  History of Dock - Hills River - Mill River - Rosebank. 1983.  Published by the Three Rivers Historical Society.  Printed by William & Crue, Summerside.
     William had a brother Malcolm and one sister Jane. "Little is known about Malcolm, although he was the original owner of the Dock Carding Mill, to which his brother succeeded."  - pg. 97.  "Over a century ago, a carding and grist mill, operated by a local farmer, William Wells, was located at the pond.  He made use of the availability of water to generate power to run the mill.  An unfortunate accident in the mill caused William's daughter, Jean F., to be killed when her hair became entangled in the carding machine." - pg. 24
     Following the Well's living here, the Clark's lived here for years until in the 1960's when Charles Ashley bought it.  The Ashley's sold the house 3 years ago to the present owners.
     Below are photos from the above noted website.
     Above: the front entry door facing north - you can see the square newel post to the left edge of the phone - this is not original - the stairs from the main floor to second was rebuilt likely around 1900.  Below: the former dining room with piano window and modernized fireplace to the right.
     Below: top of stair over the front entry facing North.  The original stairs and handrail can be seen here.  This stair goes to the large third floor.
     Below:  interesting detailing on this second floor bedroom located on the northeast corner of the house facing towards the town of Alberton and the intersection of Rte. 150 and Rte.12.  This is the only room with this detailing - it's unusual, however, likely original to the house with panels below the sill to the floor.  Much of the glass in the windows are original throughout the house.
     During renovations to this house over the past couple of years the owner has found a couple of letters (one dated 1859) and a prayer book.
     The present owner told us that kitchen wing from the back of this house was moved across the road and renovated for the use as "Union (or Dock) School".

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  1. Frederick Erskine Clark - I lived in this house with my grandparents Fred & Susan Clark from 1956 - 1958 when I went to Acadia U & then to Carleton U where I graduated in 1963. I worked on the farm with my father Erskine Clark & his wife Faye Ellis from O'leary until I left in 1958. It was a memorable old house.