Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Summerside Orphanage, 1961

     Here are two photos sent to me for confirmation that this is the Summerside Orphanage taken in 1961.  I can't find any information about the Orphanage.  
 Above: the large farmhouse - note the nun on the verandah.
Below: I'm not sure if the view is in the Summerside area.


  1. Could this be the house near Ramsay's Ultramar in St. Eleanor's? It is an addiction centre of sorts now but I do remember a statue of Mary on the front lawn. I do not remember it being an orphanage. The second picture looks like it may be looking south towards Holman's island.

  2. Here's some information forwarded to me.
    1) I think the house with the nuns, may be at "The Diner" area of West End Summerside, just beside the new Ultramar?? I seem to recall there was some sort of Social Services there... maybe R.C.? based?/ not sure exactly..but I think they helped in many ways ... pregnant girls, hungry families, help for sick at home etc., etc, - C.A.
    2) This is 589 South Drive, Summerside PEI - a white house set back considerably from the road. (One side of the road has a car dealership and apartment buildings). This old historic farmhouse has in recent years served as an addictions centre, however the waterview you sent with the Summerside Lighthouse appearing as a white spot or blob in the water (MacCallum’s Point aka Indian Head Lighthouse) seems to match the view you would have seen from the veranda in 1961. So I think that’s the building, however the information on its role as an orphanage will take a little time to track down. - F.H.