Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Calhoun House, Summerside

    This house is located at 39 Eustane Street in Summerside.  I took these photos this afternoon.  I always found this house an interesting old design, however, it dates to about 1870.  Here's a link to more information...
 Front of the house, facing south, a couple of streets back from Water Street.
The house as described in the late 1800's...
     'The advertisement for the house had stated: "The Dwelling contains eight Bedrooms, besides Parlor, Sitting, Dining and Bath Rooms, inside and outside Kitchens... The cellar is stone and brick and frost proof... The grounds are large and very suitable for a Hotel... There is a large Barn and Hennery on the premises. The east, west and south sides are surrounded by Elms, Maple, Lilac and Fruit trees, which gives the premises a rustic appearance." The purchaser of the property was Harry T. Holman, well known as one of the owners of the large mercantile firm of R.T. Holman Limited. Mr. Holman was married to Constance Eva, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wright. He resold the Eustane Street property to local bakery owner, H.H. Lefurgey.'
 Above: East side of the house.
 Above: Rear, northeast view.
 This side of the house faces west on to Eustane Street.  Note the old elm tree stumps.

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