Thursday, June 26, 2014

Doucette Sawmill, Harper Road

     This was a busy place when I was growing up in western PEI during the 1970's - Dad would take his lumber here to have it cut into boards.
     The saw mill was operated by Howard Doucette and later his son Claude.  It's located not too far off the Western Road just outside Tignish on the Harper Road (Rte. 158) in the community of Harper, which is situated between the communities of St. Peter St. Paul and Peterville, not far from Leoville and Palmer Road.


  1. I used to ride my bike over there, and watch Claude run the saw for hours at a time, as a kid <3

  2. Howard Doucette was my Grandfather, when i was young, when we went to visit my grandfather and grandmother, my brothers and i would play in the sawdust pile. We used to get a kick out of watching my uncle Claude spitting this black stuff into an old tobacco can. He also used to take us trout fishing in the brook right between the house and the mill.

    1. Howard Doucette was also my Grandfather. I remember the sound of the mill sawing way back when they still had the single cylinder Fairbanks Morse engine. errrrrrrrrrrrr...thump thump thump, errrrrrrrrrrr....thump thump thump. Whenever I smell fresh cut spruce I think of the sawdust pile, and Skipper and what I thought at the time was that long road up to the house.

  3. Howard Doucette was also my Grandfather.
    and i belive the engine was a Ruston Hornsby
    single cylinder diesel
    like the second engine in this video: