Monday, June 23, 2014

former Conway-Ahearn-Porter Homestead, St. Peter St. Paul

     I took these photos a week ago - the old farmstead is located at 42209 Rte. 2 (Western Road) in the community of "St. Peter St. Paul" ( located between DeBlois and Tignish ). 
      When I was in Junior & High School in the 1970's, this was the home of one of my classmates - this is where the Porter Family lived.  It was a beautiful property, always well-kept and tidy.
     Today the house is abandoned and 100-acre farm is owned and farmed by a large local agricultural corporation.
     Cumin's 1928 Atlas shows this property being owned by Tim Conway, married to Adeliene with the following children: Joe, Jim, Gregory, Emma and Addie.
     My parents told me this property was owned by Jimmy Ahearn in the 1950's. He built the huge barn in the 1950's and died suddenly not long after building it.  His wife moved to Alberton following his death.   They said it was one of the nicest properties in western P.E.I.
     The house is in the "Island-ell Farmhouse" style.  The front/east/road side of the house features two square-bay windows.  
     See more photos of this place on Facebook's "Abandoned Properties on P.E.I."


  1. My great great grandfather Ambrose Boyle owned a farm on the Wells road. His son Robert married Johanna Warren , who also lived on the farm. My grandfather John Wilfred Boyle married Grace McCarthy of Montague. I am wondering if perhaps your friend Donna (Barbour) Macphee would have photos of this farm in her scrap book collection? r any of the Boyle family?

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