Thursday, June 19, 2014

Is anyone looking for a PEI Heritage Home to Renovate?

     I have a lead on this historic property which hasn't gone to real estate yet - its located on a large lot in the Crow Bush Golf Course are abetween Mount Stewart and Morell. 
    Anyone who might be interested, or knows of someone who might be, please email me at
    The listing went up today -
It was likely built in the 1880's - an early version of the typical "Island-ell" farmhouse. 
The house is on a sandstone foundation, the stones are amazing, however, the walls have given way in many places and a new foundation would be on the first order.
The long, back, north wall (43' overall) is as straight as I've ever seen in an old house.
There is  a new water well.
Not sure about the septic
The roof is about 5 years old.
The electrical has been upgraded.
The grounds have always been kept cut and trimmed - there's a lilac tree.
The house hasn't been "lived in for 15 years", however, family members have been here off and on over the years, last visiting in 2012 - i believe short visits.
There's no water pump or well. No furnace or heating system.  There are 2 chimneys which are in poor condition - no wood stoves.
The floor in the kitchen wing, between the pantry and kitchen has a bit of a hump in it, however, the house is very square, sits above grade (sill seem good) and reasonably good for all.
There is no evidence of destructive animals living in the house, IE. racoons, squirrels, however it look like a chair had been chewed by a hungry mouse :-D)  There are a few raccoon footprints in the basement, however, there's no evidence of nests, dung, etc. - that's a good thing!!!
The exterior shingle are thin on the north and east and had been face stapled, I'm sure to keep them from blowing off.
The windows are wood with aluminum storm windows - not bad, the windows in my house are the same - no rot.
The Parlor, Hall, etc. have hardwood floors; the second floor has a pine floor.
The bathrooms and kitchen aren't really worth talking about as they really need to be replaced.
There's also a back stairs from the kitchen.
The only outbuilding onsite is an old pump house.
The view to the north is over fields, there are cottage way down the field - in the sitance is the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

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