Sunday, March 29, 2015


     A couple of Sunday's ago I picked up my 95-year-old grandmother, Empress (MacNevin) McDowell to spend the day with her.  As I made my way to O'Leary I took a different route through Coleman - here's a few photos I took with my cellphone.
     Above: an old railroad warehouse beside the Confederation Trail in Coleman.  The store to the left was owned by Rankin Wallace and later by his niece Margaret Lockhart who ran the store until the mid-1990's.
     Above: Free Church of Scotland at Coleman Corner.  Built around 1895.  This was my grandmother's family's church.  The church was used seasonally until a couple of years ago.
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Above: a long abandoned house between the Church of Scotland and Leard's Mill.

     Above & Below: Leard's Mill, built in 1888 by James Barclay, it was later sold to Peter Warren Leard in 1899.  The mill continued operation by the Leard family until 1999.  Today the mill is owned by the Canadian Potato Museum in O'Leary.
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     Above:  this was the homestead of Sanford Phillips located in Mount Royal (between Coleman and O'Leary) - he was a successful farmer with a great herd of Guernsey cows.   The house was sold out of the family many years ago and following the death of that owner the house was abandoned.
Above: O'Leary United Church at the Corner of Main Street and Barclay Road.
Below are a photos I took of the church interior last winter.