Wednesday, October 21, 2015

St. Luke's Anglican Church - consecrated 125 years ago today

St. Lukes Church, O’Leary, Sep 14, 1891
( originally called Church of the Jubilee )
Present: The Rector Rev. J.M. Forbes and Chapel Wardens Jas. A. Webb and E.H. Duvar
      Inventory – This church  ?  one altar fair linen cloth 2 fair white linen cloths (for veils) no altar books one Bible one prayer book for lectern and prayer desk one surplice, an organ (Reed), a good bell, a stone font (carved).  No communion vessels.  The archdeacon suggested the peoples’ looking forward at an early date to purchasing chalice and paten of silver.  The church building was commenced four years ago and completed last year and opened on Whit Sunday.  It was consecrated by the Bishop Oct 21, 1890.  It is a building which does credit to all concerned in it’s ? and decoration.  It shows every evidence of the reverend spirit of the parishioners by it’s cleanliness and order.  It stands on a plot of land one half of an acre in extent which is fenced in by a good substantial board fence.  Another plot near the church lot has recently been secured for a burial ground, one third of an acre in extent.  This is yet to be fenced, and consecrated.
     Finances.  The envelope system has recently been adopted.  The wardens speak hopefully of the.  There is no debt upon the church.  And the rector’s stipend (their share) has been regularly paid.  A small debt still stands upon the organ, but it is expected that this will be in the course of a few days.  The archdeacon is much pleased with what he has seen and gladly congratulates the people of this district of the Parish upon their zeal and love for their Church.
     This church is one of four churches that make up the Anglican Parish of Alberton-O'Leary.  It is has regular Sunday morning services and Sunday School for it's parishioners. 
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