Monday, September 12, 2016

Pleasant Valley Memorial Church celebrates 30th anniversary

     On Sunday, September 11, 2016 the Pleasant Valley Memorial Church (formerly Pleasant Valley Methodist Church 1876-1925 / Pleasant Valley United Church 1925-1986 ) celebrated it's 30th anniversary of being a memorial church.
     Pleasant Valley United Church was closed in 1986 to amalgamate the Breadalbane Pastoral Charge into one newly expanded church in Breadalbane.  Two churches were closed Rose Valley United Church (now used as a summer home) and the Pleasant Valley United Church (at the time had 60+ children in Sunday School).

     The following article appeared in the Guardian Newspaper on Sat., September 10, 2016.
Church holds celebration marking 30 years being closed
     "A shining white church along the busy Route 2 highway, complete with flowerbeds, is holding a celebration this weekend to mark 30 years of being closed.  It will take place this Sunday at the church, starting at 2:30pm.  There will be music from a harp and small-pipes ensemble, plus a talk about the church's history and future.
     The congregation was devastated in 1986 when the United Church decided to amalgamate churches in the Breadalbane/Cavendish pastoral charge.  
     It meant closing churches in Rose Valley and Pleasant Valley to focus on the creation of a modernized Central Trinity Church in Breadalbane.
     Not to be sidestepped by decisions on high, a local group led by Dorothy Smith went to the United Church board and asked for permission to continue caring for the Pleasant Valley property.
     After some struggle with dis-belief, the group proved it could raise money for maintenance by contacting family of former members of the congregation, mostly living away, and raised enough to meet requirements set out by the United Church administration.
     Years later, the Pleasant Valley group received a massive donation from a family estate in the U.S. to help with restoration work."

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