Friday, February 24, 2017

2016 Heritage Awards from PEI Museum & Heritage Foundation

     I had the pleasure of attending this year's Heritage Awards at Beaconsfield Carriage House on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2017.   Below is from the PEI Museum & Heritage Foundation's website.
2016 Award Recipients-
Heritage Activity

·        City of Charlottetown for Fort Edward Magazine stonework restoration
·        Clara Jean Howard and Craig Clark for former Rose Valley United Church restoration
·        Culture Summerside for Journal Pioneer and 105th Regiment anniversary programming
·        Estelle DesRoches for One Man’s Family
·        Tiber Falzett for various activities
·        Hughie Graham for various activities
·        Jean Jans for various activities
·        Larry and Jane Dugdale for restoration of former Cape Traverse Masonic Hall
·        King George Hall Committee for restoration of King George Hall
·        Ed MacDonald, Irene Novaczek and Josh MacFadyen (editors) for Time and a Place
·        Paige Matthie for Caroline Daly research and exhibit
·        Panmure Island Lighthouse Association for restoration of Panmure Island Lighthouse
·        Stacy MacInnis for restoration of Elliott's Train Station

Natural Heritage Activity Award

Jackie Waddell

Volunteer of the Year Award
Lois Brown

Mary Cornfoot Brehaut Award
Arlene Morrison

Publication of the Year Award
John Cousins for New London: The Lost Dream

Irene Rogers Award

Ken and Jenny Meister

Below are images of the Architectural Restoration recipients.
Rose Valley United Church - Clara Jean Howard and Craig Clark (photo cf. Alicia (@globtrottinggourmond) Instagram
Image result for rose valley church pei
Cape Traverse Masonic Hall - Larry & Jane Dugdale (photo by Kerras Jeffery)
King George Hall - King George Hall Committee / Port Hill (photo by Claude Arsenault)
Elliotts Train Station - Stacy MacInnis (photo by Stacy MacInnis)

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