Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Kelvin Grove Farmhouse demolished

     Today I was surprised to see this old farmhouse gone - demolished and the hole filled in with fresh soil.  The house was located at 1778 Blue Shank Road on the corner with the Kelvin Rd. (Rte. 109) which leads over towards Scale's Pond.  This is Lot-25.  I don't know who the owners were.  I travel the Blue Shank Road weekly and have taken notice of this nicely kept treed homestead.  About two years ago I noticed the lawns weren't being cut - I wondered if the owner had passed away or moved.
     I often intended to take a photo of the late 19th-century Island-ell style farmhouse but never took the time to stop.  Thanks to Google Streetview I'm able to capture an image of what it looked like.
     Meacham's 11880 Atlas of P.E.I. shows this farm belonging to Mrs. James Johnson with 275 acres.
     Cumin's 1928 Atlas of P.E.I. shows this farm belonging to Wm. Caseley with the front portion of this lot comprising of 100 acres.  

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