Monday, December 28, 2015

Matthews House, Alberton

     It's a wintry blustery day here in Alberton - just took a drive around town and snapped a couple photos of the old Matthews House at the end of Elder Street facing west.
     For a number of year Mr. & Mrs. Hebert Matthews operated a turkey farm here beginning in 1939 until 1966.  By8the early 1950s it was reputed to be the largest turkey farm in the Maritime Provinces with a capacity of as many as 10,000 mature birds.  At its peak 72,000 day-old pouts were sold in one year.  They had incubators with a capacity to hatch 10,000 eggs in one hatch.  Info. from...Footprints on the Sands of Time: A History of Alberton.
    Mrs. Matthews was Bertha Carruthers of Carleton.  The Matthews had two children, Gordon and Barbara.  Bertha went to P.W.C. and taught at Tryon, Carleton and Alberton.

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  1. Very Interested thanks for posting
    That's a lot of Turkeys.