Thursday, April 28, 2011

Old PEI Barns

This old barn below is located in Ellerslie.
This large gambrel roof barn is located in Burlington
This traditional style barn is also located in Burlington
Another old gambrel roof barn in Long River
This very large beautifully decorated L-shaped barn is located in Northam.
The roof vents have cross-gabled roof and the dormers have paired windows in a casement style.
This barn is located on St. Mary's Road - it has all the elements of an old PEI barn.
This old barn is located in Carleton (near Coleman) - the homestead was settled in the 1850's - I'd say the barns date back to that period.  Much of the barns exterior walls are board and batten.
The front corner of the barn was damaged in a wind storm in the winter of 2009.

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  1. That looks like John & Nettie Webbs place . When we were working on the new home I always wanted to get a better look around...but did not get the chance . John was a great guy...he's gone now and I'm not sure if Nettie still lives at home or not . Nettie had the cleanest home I ever laid my eyes on !