Friday, July 15, 2011

Great Barns!!

This homestead is on Route 13 in Hartsville.  The barns are in pretty good shape for old barns and seem to have a sound structure.  The house is center gable style with small kitchen wing - circa 1860s-70s.
Barns were often situated to create a barnyard protected from the winds - these barns are positioned to protect from the northwest winds - the barnyard in the view below is south-easterly facing towards the road.
These barns have a classic arrangement of doors and windows - each door would lead into a different area of the barn, ie. the horse stable, the cow stable, etc.
Below:  The gable end of the smaller barn - note the large hay loading door which has been boarded in, now with a small window and door.  Also note the hay-fork rail extending out the top of the hatch.
Below is an image of a type of hayfork that might have been used in this barn.  It was equipped with pulleys and ropes running on a rail high in the barn loft.  The fork would take the loose hay from the hay wagon up into the loft, loosely stacking it.
Image c.f. Googles Images

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