Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hooper Experimental Farm, Rustico Road

     I was out by this farmstead this morning.  The view from the road gives you no clue of the importance this farm played in the farming industry of Prince Edward Island - it was an experimental farm.  The Hooper family lived in the house and operated the farm.  It's located on the Rustico Rd. (Rte.6) between Oyster Bed Bridge and Toomb's Corner in Anglo Rustico.  When the leaves are off the trees you can see into the back of the farmyard and all the old buildings with trees growing up around and through them.
Below are photos I took of the house in October 2008.

P.S.  I came across this photo on Earle's Pictures Restoration's Photos on Facebook on Mar. 13, 2014.
Caption: Farmhouse 1936.


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    I have some questions about house restoration. Could you please contact me at:

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  2. Remember driving by this place when I first moved here and wondered if anyone still lived in it. Bet a bit of TLC (or with that barn roof a lot of sandblasting) would make the old girl shine again. Just have to see how many millions the current owners would want for it.

  3. Hi,
    This farm was farmed by Jeannette and Noel Hooper. My father told me Jeannette's father Mr. Clark was the one who operated the farm as "an experimental farm" - one of the first on PEI. He also had a calf club for the young boys around. This was before 4-H started on PEI.