Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weeks House, Pleasant Valley - pending demolition

More sad news for those of us who hate to see heritage buildings destroyed - here's another house slated for demolition.

This house was built by John & Lydia (Craswell) Week's father in the late 1800's.  John's son Milton and his wife Adelaide Wigmore took over the farm following WWII.  The Weeks sold the property in the late 1980's - it's been sold a few times since and has been vacant in recent years.  The farm is located on Route 2 in Pleasant Valley, between the Smith Road and Floral Hills Memorial Gardens.  Most of the windows were recently removed and word around the community is that it will be demolished soon.  The house is Island-ell in style with much decorative trim.
Above & Below:  South view of the house, facing Route 2 Highway.
Below:  Note the decorative work on the portico eave line and the gingerbread trims.  The house had a square bay window, where the triple casement window is now - the bay window had trimming and a roof to match the portico.
Below:  The gable has a round-top attic window with board and batten.
Below:  The dormer above the kitchen wing has detailing matching the rest of the house.  Note the later addition of a shed dormer.
Below:  The east gable has elaborate trim including decorative-cut shingles.


  1. If it's the one that I'm thinking of, hopefully someone would just move it off the property where it could get some much needed TLC. The current location doesnt' suit it at all.

    1. Sorry to say it was demolished a few months ago - gone! This post is probably the only record of it being there.