Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Glasgow - a winter wonderland today

     We had a light snowfall overnight with very little wind - the snow has settled on everything. 
     I had to go up the road to New Glasgow this morning to a meeting - while there I snapped the following photos.
Below: the abandoned home of the Brown Sisters.
Below:  the New Glasgow Christian Church and the Scotch Thistle wrought iron steeple top.
Below:  A little house from the 1950's that's been used as a craft shop in recent years.
Below: The Prince Edward Island Preserve Company - established in the old butter factory.  See:
Below:  The Olde Glasgow Mill Restaurant - former courthouse and feed mill.  See:
Below:  the little bridge in New Glasgow that spans the Clyde River - this could be Scotland on a much smaller scale.
Below: Village Square.
Below:  The Toy Factory. Chosen by Disney to supply wooden toys to "The Santa Clause" movie.  See:


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