Wednesday, June 20, 2012

North Rustico Harbour

     The same day I was down to North Rustico to see the Lighthouse I took the following photos around the area.  When you drive down the Harbourview Drive right to the end is the point of the harbour where the lighthouse and old fishing buildings were.  Right at the end of the road you can drive out onto a huge sandy area.
Above: North Rustico Harbour.  cf. PEI Gov't Maps
     Above: as you come to near the end of Harbourview Rd., past the little marina and museum, is this old fish processing building, today used more for recreation as a 3-bedroom apartment was built on top the building last summer - it overlooks Rustico Bay. 
     The 2 photos below are the above building before renovations.
 Above & Below: view from 3-bedroom apartment.
     Above: another fish processing shed - it's in derelict condition.
     Below:  the next 8 photos, if lined end-to-end, forms a 360 degree panoramic at the end of Harbourview Dr.
     Above: an old fish processing building and new lighthouse as tourist operation in selling crafts and kayaking expeditions.
     Above: in the middle of the above buildings is the end of Harbourview Dr.
Above: some old building used as summer homes.
Above: an unnamed road on the breakwater, looking west.
 Above: looking north to the Northumberland Strait.
 Above: the other end of the breakwater looking northeast.
Above: full circle back to where the panoramic started - 360 degrees.
Above: The flat roof house is the old Court homestead.
Above: a summer home.
Above: L-R, summer home, lighthouse, abandoned house.
     Above:  I believe this is one of the old fish processing buildings from the early 1900's.  I stayed in a similar style building (now a cottage) at a harbour on the Magdelan Islands.  The main floor is where the workers processed the fish and upstairs were sleeping bunks along with a table and wood stove where food was prepared for the workers.  Small!
     Below: this house was moved from the Cavendish Road in the 1980's by Mark Gallant.   The house was on the property on the big (and only) turn in the road between North Rustico and Cavendish.  Mark sold it, then it was doubled in size - the new owners kept the old style of the house by adding another peak and kitchen wing.

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