Friday, October 19, 2012

Souris and Area

     I was recently in eastern Prince Edward Island and took the following photos in and around Souris.
     Below: 1930 St. Alexis Roman Catholic Church in Rollo Bay.  Designed by James Harris, nephew of well-known PEI Architect William Harris. See also:
     Below: view of the coastline of the Town of Souris as you drive over the causeway to Souris from Rollo Bay.
 Below:  Souris Town Hall - see their website:
    Following renovations to Townhall (designed by Architect Donald MacKinnon, for whom I worked for at the time) a plaque was placed during a visit by Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1989.
 Below: Houses and Buildings on Souris' Main Street.
See also Historic Places for the Matthew and MacLean Store:,Pe
     Below:  The Donald Beaton House, built in 1851 - in 1854 he brought his bride Marie Clementine Sobieski MacDonald to Souris - she was the daughter of the Hon. John Small MacDonald.  Donald Beaton was born in East Point in 1816 - he was the grandson of a Charlottetown merchant.  He moved out to Souris in the 1840s to engage in the fishery and shipbuilding. Donald Beaton was a wealthy man and owned considerable acres of land at the time of his death in November 1865 from diabetes - he was 49.  His widow sold a large block of the center of the village in 1876 to Owen Connolly of Charlottetown.  Caleb Carleton Sr. bought the house from Mrs. Beatons estate and it remained in the Carloton family until 1953 when it was purchased by Ray A. Leard.  Above information cf. Ten Farms become a Town: the History of Souris, 1700-1920.  Published in 1986.
      Below: an old, seemingly abandoned home on the corner of High and Prince Streets.
      The house is in the Second Empire style featuring symmetrically placed 2-storey bay windows on the front south facing side.
     Below:  St. Mary's Souris.
From the book, A Faith Walk: Diocese of Charlottetown by Revd Art O'Shea:  In 1901, with an increasing Catholic population, a quite massive new church of Island Sandstone was built, William Harris being the architect.  Unfortunately in 1928 this impressive church burned almost to the ground, leaving only the outer shell.  From the ruins arose in 1930 the beautiful St. Mary's Church of today.
Below: houses on the back streets of Souris.
Below: St. James United Church.  See earlier post in this blog:
Below: these buildings and houses are on the streets that go along Souris' shoreline.
 Below: 1875 MacLean House Inn.
See also Historic Places:,Pe
 Below: St. Albans Anglican Church.  This church was built in 1980.  See article below.
Tiny Anglican Church holds services in Souris - July 23, 2011
Every Saturday afternoon during the summer months less than a dozen Anglicans gather in St. Alban's Anglican Church in Souris for services. This Saturday the services were led by Richard Ball, a lay minister. The church, erected in 1980 to serve approximately 70 parishoners, sits near site of the original church adjacent to Church Street in the town and close to the edge of a cliff bordering Colville Bay. The first church was built in 1895 under the leadership of Rev. E.T. Woollard. Before that, servces were held in a private home. It was closed in 1919 and later demolished. The land was sold for $300 together with part of the churchyard after the Second World War.
 Below: here's a few old barns, etc. from the area.

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