Monday, November 5, 2012

Unknown Tignish Daybook

     My brother Kerras came across this ledger recently, it's from an unknown Tignish store - there's no indication as to who this would have belonged to.  He purchased it from someone in Little Sands, PEI - a long ways from Tignish!!
     Possibly someone familiar with Tignish and its early merchants could identify this - the Ledger begins on January 7, 1875 and ends on August 30, 1875.
     Below is the cover and inside first page and some close ups of it.
Below is an image from the middle of the Ledger.
 Below is a page from near the end of the Ledger and a few close-ups.
     Something else my brother Kerras came across recently was this tin stencil - it would have been placed against a packing crate/box and painted over leaving its mark.

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