Sunday, February 10, 2013

Old Barn, Wellington Center

    In the late 1990's I photographed this old farmstead.  In early 2000 the barn was demolished and the old house was moved back on the lot and turned 90 degrees on a new foundation.  The house is still there, however, it seems abandoned these days.  
     I estimate the main barn to be about 60 feet long by 30 feet deep with a 30 foot by 40 foot addition to the rear.  The front of the barn, facing the road and east, is very symmetrical.  Note the rear addition has a lower level.
     This property is located on the corner of the Western Road (Rte. 2) and the Hackmatack Road (Rte. 125) in Wellington Center, about half was between Day's Corner (to Wellington) and Richmond.
     Meacham's 1880 Atlas of Prince Edward Island shows this property as being two farms - Jno. Larasie had 79 acres on the corner and Dougald Currie had 78 acres on the inside.
      According to Cummins 1928 Atlas of Prince Edward Island, F. Connell lived here with 157 acres.
     This farmstead was located on the south side of the farm lot - one might conclude this was the original Currie farm and by 1928 the Larasie land was bought to make the Connell farm larger.

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