Friday, October 18, 2013

Cavendish Baptist Church

     I was in Cavendish a week ago and took these photos of the Baptist Church.  The church is located in Cavendish on the Cavendish Road (Rte. 6).
 Above: Southwest view.
 Above: South view, facing Cavendish Road.
 Above: Note the detailing c/w decorative cut shingles in the round pattern.
 Above: Southeast view.
 Above: East view.
      To the east of the church is this monument to the first settlers of Cavendish in 1790.
     Below:  While still in Cavendish I drove down the long lane to the Reg Simpson house, owned today by Parks Canada - I took a few photos here below.  See the previous blog post about this property
     Above: Rear/North view.  Below: looking down the long driveway towards Cavendish Road. 
 Below: an old shed on the Simpson farm.
      Below is an old farmhouse, moved from nearby to his location on the Mayfield Road about 20 years ago.  It's on the south edge of Cavendish as you go towards New Glasgow.  This is a vacation rental property owned by the Wyand family. 

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