Friday, November 1, 2013

Beaton-Cameron House, East Point

     My brother was to East Point earlier this week where he saw this old house which will be demolished later this month.  He was told the house was built around 1895 and that the family once owned all the land south of Lighthouse Road (road leading to lighthouse from East Point Road).
     The 1880 Meachams Atlas of Prince Edward Island shows this property belonging to Alex. Beaton with 250 acres.  I appears the East Point Lighthouse is on this property out at the point.  Below see the lighthouse keepers list - Alexander Beaton was the first and third keeper.  
    By the time the Cumins 1928 Atlas of Prince Edward Island was published the property changed ownership to the Cameron Brothers
    East Point is located in Lot 47.
     Below is the map of East Point from Meachams 1880 Atlas of Prince Edward Island showing the Alex. Beaton property and lighthouse. 
     Below is the map of East Point Lighthouse from the Cummins 1928 Atlas of Prince Edward Island - the Alex. Beaton property now belonging to Cameron Bros.
     Lighthouse Keepers (and years in the position):  Alexander R. Beaton (1867-1871)Angus McDonald (1871-1872); Alexander R. Beaton (1872-1897)Lauchlin McDonald (1897-1908); Ronald J. McDonald (1908-1912); Angus C. MacIntyre (1912-1926); Wilbert Stewart MacIntyre  (1926-1960); and Harry James Harris (1961-1989).  cf.
     Above: The East Point Lighthouse - photograph taken on 14-August-2007.
     The lighthouse was completed in 1867 and has the distinction of being the last lighthouse built on Prince Edward Island before joining the Confederation of Canada.

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  1. why is it to be torn down. Couldn't it be moved?