Monday, November 18, 2013

Farmhouse in Fernwood

     Also on my travel through Chelton and Fernwood I took a couple of photos of this nice old Island-ell farmhouse - seemingly abandoned.
 Above: South facing front of house.
Above: Right / East side of house as you drive up the road.


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  2. This is the house my Dad grew up in! His name is David MacFarlane and he and my mom sold the house about ten years ago. They live further down the road in Fernwood, but couldn't take on renting out the house any longer.

  3. Was this the home of Charles MacFarlane?I am looking for the MacFarlane homestead.

    1. Yes. This is the house I grew up in and Charles was my father. The house was built in 1873 by Nathan MacFarlane, my great great uncle. This was the first house he built, but he is noted as a master carpenter who built, among other structures, St. Mary's church in Indian River.

  4. I'm looking for the house my grandmother grew up in, to see if it exists and thought this might be it, but maybe not. Her name is Kathleen MacFarlane Bowler. All I remember when I last saw it 20 years ago, was the it vaguely looking like this style, but I thought it had two sides to it.

  5. Carmen Bowler...may I ask who your parent was??? Patricia ??? Beverely? Paula? Robert?