Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Doull-Clark "Rolling Bank Cottage", Wilmot Valley

     I've been noticing this old house for many years as I travel the Blue Shank Road between central and western P.E.I.   The house is set not far off Blue Shank Road on the MacMurdo Road (Route 120) in Wilmot Valley.  The house is situated on the east side of MacMurdo Road with the Wilmot River below/south of the house.
    Today I finally stopped to take a few photos with my smart phone - the real camera was at home.
     The house was built by George Doull about 1850.  George was a carriage maker - the 1861 Census taker notes that he had a shop near Rolling Bank Cottage and had made four carriages.  Later Doull moved to Summerside where he became known as a fine furniture builder.  Wm. Charles Clark (and Margaret Lefurgey) bought the house from the Doulls.  The Clarks had eleven children.   The following information cf.
     This house is in the "cross-gable" design which has a front gable who's eaves reach across from side-to-side of the front of the house to meet with the main house end gables.
     The Meachams's 1880 Atlas of Prince Edward Island shows this property belonging to Charles Clark with 100 acres.
     The Cumins 1928 Atlas of Prince Edward Island shows this property belonging to Fred Clark with 90 acres.  Married to Ethel Walker with eight children.
     Today the house remains in the Clark family.
Above: the Wilmot River to the left - to the right is the south yard of the house.

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