Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Old barn, O'Leary Road, Unionvale

     Here's an old falling down barn and outbuildings on the Stetson homestead located on the O'Leary Road in the community of Unionvale (located between O'Leary and Woodstock).  
     I took these photos on February 2nd.
     The big barn roof was lifted off during a big wind storm about five years ago.  
     The O'Leary Road has some great old barns as you drive on it - I have to photograph them sooner than later - they're disappearing fast.  Just like the farms and farmers - there's hardly a cow or pig to be found in the countryside in western Prince Edward Island anymore.
Below:  likely a machine building located to the left/west of the old barn. 
     Below:  This is a great outbuilding - probably a hen house. Located to the right/east of the big old barn.

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