Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Taylor Road, Wilmot Valley

   I was in Summerside the other day - instead of taking the Blue Shank Road home I went to the other side of the Wilmot River and took the Taylor Road.  Here's a few photos of some interesting old places on that road...
     The house below is on the west end of the Taylor Road, bordering on the Wilmot River.  The images below are the front / south facing side of the house.
     This house has beautiful detailing of trim and eave bracketing.  The front features a projecting dormer with entry below and two square bay windows.  A kitchen wing with west facing verandah is to the rear/north of the house.
      The large two storey house below is up the road eastward from the house above.  You can see the Wilmot River behind the house - the white house is across the river on the Blue Shank Road.
Below: Valley View Farm
     The farm is located on the south side of Taylor Road, closer to the end towards MacMurdo Road.
Here's some other views of the property - great old buildings!

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