Sunday, March 29, 2015


     A couple of Sunday's ago I picked up my 95-year-old grandmother, Empress (MacNevin) McDowell to spend the day with her.  As I made my way to O'Leary I took a different route through Coleman - here's a few photos I took with my cellphone.
     Above: an old railroad warehouse beside the Confederation Trail in Coleman.  The store to the left was owned by Rankin Wallace and later by his niece Margaret Lockhart who ran the store until the mid-1990's.
     Above: Free Church of Scotland at Coleman Corner.  Built around 1895.  This was my grandmother's family's church.  The church was used seasonally until a couple of years ago.
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Above: a long abandoned house between the Church of Scotland and Leard's Mill.

     Above & Below: Leard's Mill, built in 1888 by James Barclay, it was later sold to Peter Warren Leard in 1899.  The mill continued operation by the Leard family until 1999.  Today the mill is owned by the Canadian Potato Museum in O'Leary.
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     Above:  this was the homestead of Sanford Phillips located in Mount Royal (between Coleman and O'Leary) - he was a successful farmer with a great herd of Guernsey cows.   The house was sold out of the family many years ago and following the death of that owner the house was abandoned.
Above: O'Leary United Church at the Corner of Main Street and Barclay Road.
Below are a photos I took of the church interior last winter.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Grand Rustico

     I was out to Rustico yesterday morning and took a few photos of old buildings - it's a different perspective with all the snow!
     On my way to Rustico on Church Road just before Rte. 6 intersection the first old building is St. Mark's Anglican Church built in 1841, repaired in 1890 and rebuilt in 1912.
Below: Next, on the opposite side of the road, before the corner, is an old blacksmith shop with trees growing around it.
Below: Once you through the intersection at Route 7 continuing north on Church Road, near the corner is the old St. Augustine Credit Union - today this building belongs to the Friends of the Farmer's Bank and used for storage.
Below: about a kilometer from the intersection at a sharp turn in the road is is the Barachois Inn with St. Augustine Church in the background.
Below:  St. Augustine's Parish Church is the oldest Catholic Church on Prince Edward Island, built in 1838 with the first service on Christmas Eve that year.
Below: next to the church is the Parochial House, built in 1844..
Below: beside and to the east of the Parochial House is the Farmer's Bank of Rustico, built in 1864.  One of few Island Sandstone buildings remaining on Prince Edward Island. 
Below:  Over the past 25 years through the wonderful vision and direction of Judy MacDonald (of the Barachois Inn) and her committee, the Bank has been restored and today houses a museum and meeting space.   Further to the east of the Bank is the Doucet Log House, built in 1772 - possibly the oldest building on Prince Edward Island. 
Below: as you make the sharp turn on Church Road between Barachois Inn and St. Augustine's Church you see the Belcourt Center - the former St. Augustine's Convent.
Below:  the Belcourt  Center was built as St. Augustine's Convent and school in 1882 - following a fire February 1932 the present building was re-built on the original foundation by local Parish volunteers. Today the Belcourt Spiritual Center is used as a retreat center.

Monday, March 2, 2015

New Dominion & Kingston United Churches for Sale by Tender

     The other day I heard these churches were going to be sold - shame!!!   
     The present Kingston United Church was built in the late 1980's following a fire that destroyed their original church.  
     The New Dominion United Church was built in 1855 as a Presbyterian Church (formed in 1832) and underwent many restorations the past 15 years.
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First picture: Kingston United Church Building
Second picture: New Dominion Church Building
TAKE NOTICE that the TRUSTEES OF CORNWALL PASTORAL CHARGE, UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA, request tenders for the sale and removal of the Kingston Church building , Route 235, Kingston, PEI, and the New Dominion Church building, 89 Westville Road, New Dominion, PEI. Further information and tender documents can be obtained by contacting the WEST RIVER UNITED CHURCH, 9 Cornwall Road, P.O. Box 89, Cornwall, PEI, C0A 1H0.  Tel: (902) 566-4052, or visiting the website