Saturday, December 19, 2015

1854 R.T. Holman Homestead, Summerside - will it be demolished or preserved?

     There has been much talk on the Island this week with news the owners of the historic R.T. Holman house have applied for a demolition permit from the City of Summerside.  They have owned the house for 15 years and now have it for sale, however, with no interest from potential buyers, they have decided to keep their options open by applying for a demolition permit.  The large property on Summer Street, across from City Hall, is located in the downtown where a vacant lot is more valuable to developers than a lot with an historic home on it.  The owners would prefer to see the house preserved!
     The following are photos I took of the Holman House on Oct. 26, 2012.

      The following are a variety of articles and links to information about the house.


  1. Even on the national register for historic places at that. Considering how much older properties are loved by Canadians, I'm expecting it'll be gone by next year.

  2. It should be a crime to destroy this house. I hope someone saves it!