Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Former Bishop McIntyre/MacFadyan/Cran House, Tignish - Destroyed by Fire!

     OK- this is a bad day!!!  One of Prince Edward Island's more historic homes was destroyed by fire last evening in Tignish! 
     My brother was in this house back in April of this year and took the following photos!  He was back here a couple of weeks ago and bought an old table from the owners.  I was awaiting permission from the owners to document and measure the house for archival purposes!
 Below is a painting I acquired last spring of Bishop McIntyre.

Below is a post made on Facebook a few hours ago by Architectural Historian Reg Porter.
     In the 1960s my friend Elizabeth Cran and her children Alison and Anthony and I spent every summer in this huge house managing a long-term project in promoting community culture called the Tignish Arts Foundation. The house had quite a history, having once belonged to Bishop Peter McIntyre who used it for his home when he was parish priest of the area in the 1840-60 period. Later it was bought by a Protestant merchant, Alexander MacFadyen who worked for the Myrick commercial interests. He added on a very large piece on the right and turned the original Georgian house into the new Colonial Revival style. I loved that house and for many years dreamed of it being my home for life. But life had other plans for me. Elizabeth however, did live there for quite a few years.
     Last night, Rose just told me, vandals burned the house down as part of their vile Halloween celebrations. Now all that remains is a framed photo that has all my mature life hung on the wall of my study, wherever I lived. The photo fades but the memories glow.

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