Friday, March 17, 2017

MacPherson Sawmill, Eldon /Belfast

     I was up east this afternoon and thought I'd run down to see if the MacPherson's old sawmill was still there.  Here it is on the right - it's hanging on in it's neglected state.  This is the last water-powered mill on Prince Edward Island - the last one of near 400 water-powered mills built on Prince Edward Island between the mid 1700's and 1990.
     I documented this building back in the fall & winter of 2010.  Here's a few photos taken at the time.  
     It makes me sad to think such a structure and the history here is not known to more Islanders - there's been a mill on this site since before the building of the St John's Baptist Presbyterian Church, the oldest church on the Island, built in 1824.

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  1. Just a tiny typo on name of church - St. John's Presbyterian Church.
    Great article and photos -- Keep up the great work.