Saturday, April 13, 2013

Haslam House, Springfield

     This old center-gable style house has been vacant for the past few years.  The farm barns to the left are still used by a local farmer who can be found there daily.
     I recall in the late 1990's the retired gentleman who lived here made whirligigs and birdhouses and had them for sale at the end of his driveway.
     The house is starting to settle, including the verandah which is starting to fail.  The house features nice detailing, from the running gingerbread barge board trim to the nicely proportioned and positioned verandah; to the elaborate top detailing above of the second floor paired-window in the gable.  
     This house would likely have been built in the 1870's.  There's also a kitchen wing to the rear with an east facing verandah.
The front of the house faces north, towards the highway, Route 2.

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  1. Surprised they dont' try to sell it to some tourist. It doesnt' look like it'd take much to fix up to a nice condition.