Friday, February 25, 2011

"Contributions to P.E.I. heritage honoured"

"Edouard Blanchard named Volunteer of the Year, one of 22 awards handed out at Heritage Week ceremony at Beaconsfield." 
General Awards -
  • George Arsenault and Sally Ross for Acadian Mi-Careme;
  • John Brehault for The Life and Times of Daniel J. MacDonald;
  • Roy Campbell and Robert Gelineau for Searletown Road farmhouse restoration;
  • Lorena Gillis Cardwell for Lorena's Notebook: A Family Memoir;
  • Clyde River Women's Institute for Clyde River Historical Homes and Buildings calendar;
  • Delores Griffin for A  P.E.I. Mother's Legacy of Love;
  • Dr. A.E. Bud Ings for Vet Behind the Ears;
  • Heather Irving for writing the book Andy's;
  • Wayne MacKinnon for a historical book on Holland College;
  • Summerside and Area Historical Society for holding Heritage Circles;
  • Summerside Lest We Forget Committee for worn on Gathering Stories from Veterans;
  • Stratford for featuring War Veterans on Bus Shelters;
  • George Wright for The Surviving Wrights of P.E.I.;
  • Wyatt Heritage Properties for its Open Suitcase Education Program;
  • Isaac Stewart for his Dedication to Island History.
Special Awards-
  • Natural History Activity:  Diane Griffin;
  • Volunteer of the Year:  Edouard Blanchard;
  • Publication of the Year:  Rusty Bitterman for Sailor's Hope;
  • Mary Cornfoot Brehaut: Jean Bernard;
  • Irene Rogers Award:  Bonshaw Hall Co-operative for Bonshaw United Church Restoration;
  • Wendell Boyle Award:  Rollo Bay Fiddle Festival;
  • Award of Honour:  Gilbert Clements.
Congratulations recipients!! 
c.f.  The Guardian Newspaper, Feb. 24, 2011, page A3

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