Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spectacular Barachois Inn, Rustico

OK - it's time to pull out some of the more impressive heritage buildings on Prince Edward Island.  Here is Barachois Inn located in Rustico.  The Inn is operated by Judy & Gary MacDonald and their family who offer the very best of Island hospitality in this historic home!!  The house was built by Joseph Gallant in 1880 and is located on Church Road in Rustico (don't get Rustico confused with North Rustico).  To the north of the house, across Church Road, is St. Augustine Catholic Church built in 1838, and to the right is Rustico Bay.
The Barachois Inn was built in the Mansard or Second Empire style.
For more information about Barachois Inn go to their website -

Below is MacDonald House, a new 4-unit building to accommodate more guests at Barachois Inn.  I prepared the drawings for this new building in the same style as the main house but in 2-storeys.  The house has a main entry foyer to the rear with a library in the middle overlooking the gardens.  There are two accommodation units on each floor.  The building was constructed by Greenleaf Construction in Clyde River - the workmanship is excellent.
Below: The Entry Foyer
Below: Premium Suite 5 Main Floor
Below: Luxury Suite 8 Second Floor

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  1. Always thought this place was pretty neat looking, and you wont' find another like it on the island (or at least not that I've seen). Nice to see some interior pictures.