Monday, October 24, 2011

Albion Terrace Hotel 1876 Alberton

Recently my brother Kerras bought this poster from Wendell Oliver of Alberton.  The Albion Terrace Hotel was built in 1876 by George Gard.  It was located on Poplar Street in Alberton.  Wendell didn't know the year of the poster - possibly in the 1930's.  I searched multi-year calendars and found the years 1927, 1932 and 1938 all had Thursday Nov. 3rd.  In 1944 the Albion Terrace Hotel was turned into Western Hospital.  It was demolished in the late 1990's to make way for a new hospital.
The following photo of Albion Terrace Hotel as Western Hospital was taken about 1950 and came from the following website
For more information about the builder of Albion Terrace Hotel was George Gard ( see )
George Gard was the son of Samuel Gard of Mill River. He learned cabinet making at an early age and moved to New York where his skills were employed in many elaborate houses. George eventually returned to Alberton where he constructed a new home, saw mill, and a window and door factory. During his career, he built twenty three homes, the first Alberton High School, the Albion Terrace Hotel (now part of Western Hospital) and the second St. Peter's Anglican Church in Alberton which was destroyed by fire in 1927.

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  1. Sad that it was demolished. I'd bet money it could have been sold to someone from off island for a small mint. And we'd still have a bit of the local history around. Another casualty of the times I suppose.