Thursday, October 13, 2011

Miminegash Range Rear Light

…The first lighthouse was at Rix’s Point.  It was built by a Mr. Cannon, who lived not far from the harbour on what is called the Tom Road.  The two lighthouses at the harbour were built by Mr. Cannon’s son Tom. 
( cf.  Miminegash, Page 37 - Some Historical and Biographical Notes on the Community of Palmer Road, Compiled by Members of Community School, 1973, St. Louis, P.E.I. )

     The Miminegash Range Lights were a set of range lights on Prince Edward Island, Canada. They were built in 1886, and deactivated in 1972; only the rear tower has survived.  ( cf. Rowlett, Russ. "Lighthouses of Canada: Eastern Prince Edward Island". The Lighthouse Directory. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Retrieved August 2, 2009 )
     The little lighthouse was bought by Everett Cahill of Kildare and moved to his 14-acre cottage development next to Jacques Cartier Park.  At the time of his death the sea had erroded the cottage development so much that there was only 1 acre of land left between the shore road and the shoreline.  The Cahill cottages and lighthouse were moved by his nephew Roy and Jean Cahill to their family cottage compound at Cahill's Shore.

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